SAT Curriculum

Victory Prep Tutors has in-house generated curriclum sets for the SAT, subject testing, and more. These in-depth documents are used to train our tutors and guide students to achieve the best scores possible!

How Curriculum Is Written

Our course materials available to tutors in DFW, Austin, Houston, California, Seattle, Northern Virginia, and online have been designed by logically deconstructing every official SAT exam. published that we can get a hold of. Our curriculum advisors are the best of the best and do the research required to be informed on and teach any subject our students need help with. On top of going through fundamentals and strengthening a student's foundation, we teach the approaches and strategies relevant to the test or class (e.g., when to guess, what order to follow in working through the questions, when to look at the answer choices, how to study, scheduling work properly, etc.).

Who Can Access It?

The curriculum written by our instructors are priviledged pieces of work that our tutors use as resources to teach more effectively. In classes or upon request in private tutoring, students may have access to streamlined versions of our curriculum sets. These are broken down into lesson plans that are easy to read, highly structured, and effective as learning tools!

What a Curriculum Entails

High quality explanations

Bulleted points for easy reading

Organized tables and graphs

Balanced lessons

Hundreds of practice problems

Useful and challenging homework

What Does a Lesson Look Like?

Here are some real examples from our SAT curriculum to give a good idea of what to expect. Our various curricula are all highly organized with a table of contents, breaking down each lesson and their sub-topics.

The content itself may be contained in short paragraphs that explain topics in detail and bulleted lists to give an easily digestible series of tips, strategies, and skills for students. These are all written from scratch by our top tier tutors.

We utilize images and step-by-step explanations to help students visualize how to get through any subject from mathematics to chemistry or from critical reading to essay writing. These in-depth descriptions paired with crisp and clean visuals are tailored to boost any student's academic acumen.

In addition to lists and paragraphs, there are also graphs and charts to group together key words, equations, and concepts. These tables make it simple to refer back to later on and even for students to quiz themselves!

Our practice questions are sourced from officially published exams as well as created by our team of in-house tutors. They are trained to know exactly what each test, subject, and class is looking for, creating and choosing questions meant to prepare students as well as possible.

FAQ: Curriculum

A: Our tutors put a lot of work into each lesson plan they create. They can run anywhere from 50 pages to 100+ pages, depending on the topic or test and how much practice they feel is necessary to include.
A: Many of the practice questions come from real tests and practice material published by the involved organizations. Many others are written or adapted by our tutors themselves! In either case, they are selected in a pinpoint way to target weaknesses that students might have and curb them with examples and practice.
A: Depending on how many hours remain, you may put them towards admissions consluting, or simply use them at a later time, as they do not expire.
A: The positive changes in your studies should be obvious. Additionally, we will give quizzes and practice tests periodically to see how much you have advanced in each area of need. Victory Prep Tutors’ staff will share weekly reports with you and hold meetings to discuss how you are advancing through your individualized program.
A: Of course! Victory Prep Tutors’ tutoring students receive all of Victory Prep Tutors’ materials - curriculum, vocab list, and ten practice tests. Students can search of a proctored location nearby on our website. If there are no locations in the area, or if a student has conflicts on Saturday mornings, he or she have the option to take the test at home. Students are provided with self-proctoring instructions to take the test at home.
A: Yes, all course materials are included in course fee. There are no additional materials to purchase and you will be provided with everything you need to effectively prepare for the ISEE. You will receive everything on the first day of exam or lecture. Our materials include: - An official study guide with practice tests - 10 Official Full-Length Practice Tests - Homework Problems for each lesson - A comprehensive curriculum book - Detailed and Analytical score reports for each test.
A: The average Victory Prep Tutors student preps with us for 3-5 months of weekly sessions. If your goals are higher, or if you are more challenged by the testing process, timing may vary. We also offer a free consultation that includes a diagnostic quiz to help you assess which plan works best. The precise length depends on several factors: - The student’s goals - Student’s tutoring needs, as demonstrated on the diagnostic test, on periodic practice tests, etc. - The number of times the student requires a tutor each week - When the student plans to take the official test Call us to get started!
A: Our head instructors work with you to get a clear idea of your personality and what type of tutor would work best for you. The head instructor then passes the information to our regional director, who selects a highly compatible tutor in your area. And if you think the match isn’t a good one, we will replace the tutor and repeat the session for no charge. We guarantee that you will love your tutor!
A: Always! Victory Prep Tutors believes that it is imperative to keep one tutor throughout the process so the student and tutor can create a bond. This helps gain insight on a student's learning style.
A: If you need to cancel a session, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance.
A: Depending on your goal, you should expect 1 to 5 hours of homework a week. Test prep is a serious long-term endeavor.
A: Yes and No. We offer a score improvement guarantee. Your child will increase his score from his past ISEE. However, we do not offer specific guarantees. Learning is a complex process, and standardized tests are designed to be challenging for even the strongest students. Many factors affect the outcome of a program: the length of the program, the number of meetings and tests, the student’s starting point, hours of studying, and others. We control these variables as much as possible while addressing concerns throughout the process. We also use previously administered official SAT/ACT tests to monitor scores, so that we can gauge progress and predict test performance on the real test day. Our teachers and tutors have a professional, personal, and ethical commitment in making sure that our students perform their level best on test day!
A: Typically, we will provide a PDF file for students and parents to access and print, if they so desire. When meeting in person, we may bring a printed copy of a lesson plan if there is no other material to cover (books, practice tests, etc.) due to printing costs.

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