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Victory Step Education is a leading educational organization in Texas, California, Washington state, and Virginia with experience in building futures of students. We provide high-quality SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE and K-12 instructional programs to hundreds of students each year. Our curriculum is specifically designed to reinforce foundational skills and bolster SAT performance to allow admission into top colleges. 

We Hire the Best Employees, Always!

Unlike other companies that have different tiers or levels of instructor pricing based on experience and/or talent, Victory Step Education has only one kind of instructor: the very best! We carefully screen applicants, take them through a rigorous interview process, and train them thoroughly. Most importantly, all our talented, experienced, and highly paid instructors are available at the same low prices.

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Victory Step Education Application Process

We Offer

    ★Flexible Scheduling/Availability
    ★Great Pay and Training ($8-11/hr)
    ★Work in Dynamic, Energetic Company
    ★Making a positive impact in Students' lives

We Require

    ★A high school degree
    or Bachelor's degree preferred
    ★2-3 years experience in similar work
    ★Strong customer focus, communication skills, and the ability to multi-task
    ★Strong passion to help students

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    ★Cover Letter

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