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Effective English Tutoring that Leads to Outstanding Results!

With Victory Prep Tutors' one-on-one English tutoring around the country, students will understand and learn English concepts such as writing skills, grammar, sentence structure, and much more all at his or her own pace. Our tutors understand that every aspect of English needs to be addressed on its own. There are so many different topics that the English subject covers and all of our tutors are well trained in explaining them all to your student.

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Summer is here and school is out! Don’t let all the knowledge your child has accumulated this past academic year go to waste. Victory Prep Tutors offers fun, yet productive, summer private tutoring programs designed to keep your child’s mind active and growing with curiosity. One of our representatives will meet with you to discuss your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement and, along with the assigned tutor, will create a custom summer tutoring plan.

What happens if we don’t use all of our summer tutoring hours?
The best part is that those hours roll over to the upcoming academic year! Students can use those hours to get help with homework, study for exams, review essays, and so much more.

Popular English Tutoring Subjects:

Essay Writing:
There are many different types of papers students will be subjected to write in their high school career. Some of the types of essays that we may help with include research papers, SAT and ACT essay help, college admissions essays, descriptive essays, book reports, personal statements, creative writing, thesis statements, building resumes, forensic analyses, and more. Victory Prep Tutors will help brainstorm, edit, and proof-read to help provide the perfect paper.

Literature can range from short stories, novels, poems, fiction, non-fiction, and drama, just to name a few. Students often have to identify key terms and expand their knowledge to deeper horizons to be able to understand and critically analyze the texts. In order to formulate arguments with textual evidence, you need to fully understand what is happening. Victory Prep Tutors help you see the key points to be able to put together arguments for papers and even seeing key themes and motifs.

Grammar & Mechanics:
In order to be an effective writer, students must understand mechanics, grammar, and the main components of the English language. Many students struggle to have a clear message in their writing due to a lack of strong grammatical skills. Rules of grammar that are taught in our grammar and mechanics tutoring courses include capitalization, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, and homophones. Victory Prep Tutors help with understanding, clarifying, and boosting the student's skills to help become a better writer.

Vocabulary is important for day to day communication. A large vocabulary has the ability to be a more precise vocabulary. Studying vocabulary with a Victory Prep Tutor will help to expand your vernacular wisely and concisely. At Victory Prep Tutors we help prepare you for the SAT vocabulary section, expand your vocabulary for simple day to day conversations, and broaden your knowledge of words that help to make you a better writer.

Why is English So Important?

English is something that we use, see, and come across on a day to day basis. Most everyone can speak the language, but the importance of writing and having everything grammatically correct cannot be emphasized enough. People often feel overwhelmed or think that writing is something that cannot be improved, but with a push in the right direction all aspects of the English subject can be improved. The key to improvement is to always start with the basic concepts and then move forward from there. Doing well in English helps in all subjects and curriculums, even if you may feel English is irrelevant to your degree. English helps build better communication skills and helps with everyday livelihood. English tutoring is like a going up a staircase leading to a pot full of gold, because it not only helps with every class that you're currently attending, but in the long run will help in gaining a successful career. All the fundamentals that are taught in English are used when looking for jobs, completing resumes, and college courses, which goes to show that English is relevant to everything and anything we do at home, school, or work .

How Will a Victory Prep Tutor Engage My Child?

Victory Prep Tutors:

  • Listen to your child's needs and plan strategies to address these needs.
  • Have access to instructional and student practice resources.
  • Have integrated technology by providing appropriate online resources to your child along with live tutoring.
  • Will teach self-management skills critical to each student's success.
  • Observe, assess, and monitor your child's progress.

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