Online Teaching Platform

What is Victory Step Education's Online Teaching Platform?

WizIQ is an online learning management system we use to conduct our online courses. Our online platform allows us to simulate traditional, face-to-face learning with interactive tools. We brings all of the classroom tools and capabilities to an online environment. Students can engage with their instructor and peers through audio and video live streaming.

Interactive Whiteboard

Just like a traditional blackboard, the whiteboard allows instructors to:

- write notes

- show examples

- draw diagrams

- use graphs

and much more.

Audio and Video Communication

We bring our online sessions to life with live, multi-way audio streaming and real-time video streaming that can be accessed by all participants. Students are able to engage not only with the instructor, but also their peers.


Simple to use and intuitive. No hardware, software, or training required to use.

Students can record live lectures, and reuse recordings as a review to reinforce course concepts.

Access our online platform from any internet browser, without downloading software.

Students can learn from the comfort of their home or on the go using their Android or iOS mobile devices.

Experience our effective,
one-on-one, private online tutoring program.


Online Tutoring


Online Tutoring