SAT and ACT Learning Resources

Official SAT and ACT Tests

There are many full practice tests that have been released on the College Board website or English, Math, Reading, and Science practice questions on the ACT website, while others are official tests have been released otherwise. The tests themselves and the answer keys are fantastic resources for learning, practicing, and staying sharp on the SAT and ACT!

Why Is Practice So Important?

The reason why taking regular, or at least a few, practice exams before the real thing is important is that they offer something that normal studying or tutoring can’t quite provide: experience. Many students will pay for and take the actual SAT or ACT or other standardized test multiple times to get the feeling for the exam. However, they can do it at home or through a tutoring/teaching program for free (as a bonus in the tutoring program, virtually free). This experience of being timed in a test-taking environment and taking an entire exam gives invaluable experience and insight as to how one fares during the exam and how it feels, is simply great practice, and even provides a benchmark for progress in the studying journey.

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