At Victory Prep Tutors, we believe that every student is unique with individual strengths and abilities. In our programs, through our instructors, curriculum, and strategies, we tap those strengths and build on them. At the same time, we identify and work on students' weaknesses to achieve maximum results. We reinforce fundamentals and bolster smart test-taking techniques and problem-solving skills in our students by using what we call the 'Victory Approach' - an intelligent approach towards learning. We do so by making our learning environment fun, stimulating, and rewarding. It is no surprise that we operate at a 96% customer satisfaction rate. These features help us stand out from amongst other companies in Texas, Virginia, California, and Washington State


Victory Prep Tutors was built on the principle that quality education is something that every child deserves and high quality education should not come at exaggerated costs. Through innovative processes and cost-savings at Victory Prep Tutors, we have been able to design and sustain high-quality programs that provide exceptional education to all students. Victory Prep Tutors' 6-week SAT and ACT classroom programs' costs are among the lowest in Austin, Houston, DFW, San Antonio, Seattle, Northern Virginia, and California. These programs have been boosting our students' scores by amounts never thought possible and we have been getting extraordinary reviews. Our Private Tutoring program is also the best value prep course available: prices that are low and quality that makes our competition duck for cover.



Our programs were designed with a vision to ensure student success. There are various features that help us stand out as a test prep company that is dedicated to that purpose. Both our classroom programs and private tutoring programs start with a world-class curriculum and teaching methodology. We offer scholarships and deep discounts to needy students, to make sure that we stand by our founding principles. Here are some other salient features of our SAT and ACT programs:

Small Class

Small class size of 6 to 10 students: This ensures that each student in our classroom program gets maximum attention and personal attention. At the same time, the student is able to learn in a collaborative learning environment, encouraged, inspired, and challenged by peers and teachers.

Small Class

Free repeat classes: Victory Prep Tutors is committed to doing everything to make sure that our students get the scores that they aspire and deserve. Thus, we allow our students to come back to us and retake any SAT or ACT class that they feel they need to in order to strengthen key concepts and strategies.

Small Class

High Score Awards: In order to motivate our students to do better every time, we encourage them by offering awards. These awards are usually given to students that score high on the SAT or ACT and could range from cash to gifts. About 10% of our students are awarded at the end of an SAT classroom program

Small Class

Fun, stimulating learning environment: We realize how students learn best: when they are stimulated in a fun learning environment. Our classes are taught by individuals who are more than just masters of the SAT or ACT. They are smart, energetic, and lively folks that know how students feel and connect with them at an individual level. Our instructors are ready to go above and beyond expectations.

Small Class

Structure: Our SAT and ACT classroom programs come with a balanced mix of live instruction, tests, practice material, and study guides to create a well-rounded preparation that leads to maximum results.


Tailored Programs: Others say it; we actually do it. Our head instructors spend an hour with students and parents, at no cost, before the start of any private program, to understand their needs and requirements. A diagnostic test is then used to gauge the strengths of the student and to create a customized study plan to achieve maximum results.

Access to Classroom Sessions: Students that enroll in our 36 and 50 hour private tutoring can attend concurrent classroom programs if they choose to do so. They can also avail live practice tests to build endurance and confidence. In the process, our students get the best of both worlds: the personal attention of one-on-one tutoring and the collaborative, fun learning environment of group courses.

Small Group Savings: The already economical prices for our programs are reduced even further when you work together with friends to create small groups. For example, the 18-hour package price drops down from $1299 to $1099 per person if you team up with 1 or 2 other students.

The Best Instructors, Always: Unlike other companies that have different tiers or levels of instructor pricing based on experience and/or talent, Victory Prep Tutors has only one kind of instructor: the very best. We carefully screen applicants, put them through a rigorous interview process, and train them thoroughly. Most importantly, all our talented, experienced, and highly paid instructors are available at the same low prices.


Victory Prep Tutors has been delivering consistent results since its inception. Our students have been scoring higher and higher on their SAT and ACT tests and with amazing improvements. Over 78% of our students that took the SAT in January 2017 ended up with higher than 150 point improvement, making us one of the most successful test prep companies in DFW. We attribute such results to various factors such as:

  • Extensive and innovative curriculum
  • Fun, stimulating learning environment
  • Quality of instructors and their dedication
  • Continued help to students after program end
Small Class

A look at score improvement distribution for January 2019 SAT students from Victory Prep Tutors. 78% students improved their scores by more than 150 points


Victory Prep Tutors provides students with a holistic approach to SAT and ACT test preparation, which focuses on each section of the test, test taking strategies, and ways to battle test anxiety. Our advantage lies in our flexibility, our customer service, and our premier instructors, whom we hold to the highest of professional standards. Our instructors are patient, understanding, and ease your student along the path towards reaching their full potential. After enrollment in one of our classroom or individual tutoring programs, your student can feel assured as they walk in to the classroom on test day. After we’re through with them, the only things they’ll need to make their test a success are a pair of number two pencils, a calculator, and a government issue ID card!

The Victory Prep Tutors Advantage lies in our high-level instructors, our customer service, our clear,
composite curriculum, and our flexibility regarding the best options for you.


Our instructors are the real backbone of our service. In order to pass our standards, each instructor must go through a rigorous, multi-level interview process where they must show their intelligence as well as their abilities to teach and connect. We require that our instructors have scored in the top 98th percentile on their SAT or ACT test. They also must possess at least a bachelor’s degree. Many of our instructors are pursuing or have received graduate degrees as well. Our training process turns these already intelligent, skilled leaders into even better teachers. They are all very well versed on the content and strategies of the SAT and ACT and they each have the skills to bring your teen’s score up as high as it will go!


Rest easy knowing that you will be kept up to date on all progress made by your student. Our goal is to keep you as in the loop as possible with clear updates delivered after every single session. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to call our central office where you will be helped by one of our bright, cheerful representatives. We strive to keep you happy and confident at all times. At any point in your private tutoring if you are not completely happy with the instructor you have been assigned and the way in which they are teaching your student, please call and request a new instructor to be assigned to you. Your happiness is very important to us!


Our curriculum covers every aspect of standardized testing: from test taking strategies to stress reducing tips to how to tell if a verb is properly conjugated. Everything your student will need to dominate the SAT or ACT is included in the text. Additionally, we offer supplementary materials from real, retired tests. Your student will be assigned actual practice tests to complete as homework to track his or her progress and hundreds of practice SAT and ACT questions lie waiting to be completed. We have a light, engaging approach that emphasizes ease and comfort in the studying environment.


Flexibility is the watchword. We have numerous options for test prep, from one-on-one tutoring to group classes lasting six weeks to a short, three hour crash course the weekend before the test. No matter what your time and budget needs, we have an option for you. We try to work with your schedule, as well. By enrolling in our one-on-one tutoring programs, you are ensuring that your needs will always be number one. Our instructors will work with your schedule and even come to your house. They are flexible enough to work around hectic student schedules. However, that flexibility does not come at a cost – the typical experience shows a student receiving instruction from the same tutor over the course of their lessons. There is no break in learning.

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