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Two engineering graduates and industry professionals established Victory Prep Tutors, revolutionizing educational services. Having experienced the college test preparation phase themselves not too long ago, they were dissatisfied with exorbitant fees, uninteresting methods, and subpar instruction. Their vision was to make standardized test and academic subject preparation accessible and affordable for all high school students while ensuring top-notch instructors and dynamic classrooms. Thus, Victory Prep Tutors was born, setting a new benchmark for test preparation services. 

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In contrast to other companies that offer various instructor tiers based on experience and talent, Victory Prep Tutors takes a different approach by providing only one kind of instructor: the very best! Each applicant undergoes a meticulous screening and rigorous interview process, followed by comprehensive training. Our highly skilled, experienced, and well-compensated instructors are available to all students at consistently affordable prices.

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Victory Prep Tutors realizes that every student has a different degree of motivation. We will go above and beyond to ensure constant motivation to get you to the very top of your success ladder.

Victory Prep Tutors' instructors will constantly encourage our students to go to college. And what is required for a successful college admission test? GPA, SAT/ACT and Extracurricular activities

Why College?:  Victory-Step believes that it is very important to encourage high school students to take up college education. This is not only a means to better financial stability later in life, but also one to achieve high career progression, personal satisfaction, and quality of living. Victory-Step plans to hold informational seminars and lectures at high schools to motivate students to take up college education, and not stop at completion of their high school education. Victory-Step's broader mission in society is to improve the college dropout rate in the country.

What's in it for Parents?:  Victory-Step always keeps parents informed of their child's performance and progress by sending detailed feedback and also organizing "Parent/Student Success Nights". The idea is to encourage parents to take more interest in their child's development, thus making sure the child receives encouragement and motivation from the family too. Parents are also assured by this strategy that the money they have spent on buying Victory-Step program(S) is used effectively.

What's in a high score?:  Victory Prep instructors constantly keep their students motivated in class and in private 1:1 sessions. Our mantra is to never let a student feel bored or uninterested in improving his/her score. We constantly bring up examples of what a high score in the SAT or the ACT really means in the long run, how it can enable a student to get into better schools etc. We always push our students to realize their true potential.

Victory Prep Tutors' interactive classrooms and tutoring will stimulate our students' memory, capacity and function. We distinguish ourselves from competitors by employing the best and brightest instructors, who specialize in making classes fun, interesting and stimulating.

Victory Prep Tutors' instructors are extremely intelligent. They have been provided with a thorough training program. Our unique proven strategies will help fuel our student's mind.

Instruction:  Victory Prep Tutors distinguishes itself from competitors by employing the best and brightest instructors, who specialize in making classes fun, interesting and stimulating. One of the founding principles of Victory Prep Tutors is to make the journey through SAT or ACT preparation less dull and more energetic and fun-filled for students. It is our belief that in order to bring out the best from students, there has to be good positive stimulation, in the form of instructors that students can connect with and relate to.

Material: We have designed our study material from the ground up covering all key concepts and fundamentals that are needed to ace the SAT or ACT. The study material is filled with high quality examples and problems that test key fundamentals and need analytical thinking. We also provide students with the best techniques and the right approach to tackle a particular problem. We use real world examples in the classroom to make topics and their instruction more interesting.

Victory Prep Tutors' instructors will go above and beyond to ensure their students' success in any college admission test. We also make sure that financial means do not prevent any high school student from taking up college admission test preparation.

Our expert instructors are dedicated to the success of each one of their students.

Instructors:  Our expert instructors are dedicated to the success of each one of their students. They are encouraged and even paid to go above and beyond just the instruction hours in the classroom. They encourage after-class questions, emails or phone calls from their students, and are always ready and willing to help out, all the way to the college admissions process. Instructors establish solid friendly bonds with the students, thereby enabling healthy classroom discussions and questions. Our instructors ensure that all our SAT/ACT concepts and strategies are thoroughly understood by the students.

Students:  Victory Prep Tutors strives to imbibe it its students the importance of dedication towards school and college prep. Lot of importance is given to grades, homework and tests, and students are encouraged to take all assignments with utmost dedication and complete them in a timely manner. Our instructors create an atmosphere that is a healthy mix of fun-filled interactive education as well as dedicated learning.

Scholarships: Part of Victory Prep Tutors' mission is to make sure that financial means do not prevent any high school student from taking up college admissions test preparation. We offer need-based and merit-based financial assistance to deserving students in taking up our programs, such as reduced pricing or even free admissions.

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