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Victory Prep Tutors has competitive prices along with instructors and consultants who are the best of the best. Don't be left behind in the college search; find the right pricing plan for you and everything involved with it!

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Basic Plan Enroll

The basic plan is an excellent way to have an admissions professional review your situation, make recommendations, and get some great help on your essays.  After meeting with you, we will also provide a customized list of colleges that is specific to what you desire in a college and your qualifications as a candidate.  Get the reassurance of expert guidance and rock your essays!

Premier Plan Enroll

The Premier Plan includes all of the great college admissions counseling services included in the Basic Plan plus two extra hours of essay assistance and our highly effective scholarship search and application service.  Utilizing our extensive knowledge of countless scholarship programs, we will match you to programs that fit your profile and even submit your application to up to five scholarships.  This plan often pays for itself with the large amount of scholarship money for which students end up applying.  


Elite Plan Enroll

The Elite Plan is our most thorough plan, ensuring that you've covered everything you need to cover in order to submit your best application to the right schools while being in the running for tons of scholarship money.  We will do two application consultations -- one at the beginning and then one follow-up to ensure you're on the right track.  You will also have a full eight hours of essay assistance, which gives you ample time to do multiple rounds of revisions on all of your application essays.  You will have access to our scholarship match and application service, with twice as many scholarship applications as the Premier Plan.  To top it off, we'll even prepare you for interviews with our interview crash course and two mock interviews.  It's the most thorough way to get into the college of your choice!

FAQ: College Admissions

A: Yes. That’s a huge part of our college admissions consultation service. We are familiar with hundreds of scholarship programs, and we can both match you to them and help you apply. Too many students rely solely on the scholarships offered by their college, but there are a plethora of scholarship opportunities out there waiting to be utilized.
A: Absolutely not. Not only would such a practice be unethical, but it would likely hurt the student's application. The purpose of the essay is to give the student a chance to tell his or her story and let all of his or her unique, subjective qualities shine through. That's an important part of the admissions process, and only the student can tell that story. Replacing the student's perspective with a cookie-cutter essay from a third party would be counterproductive. Our role instead is to help the student identify which parts of his or her story are most compelling and assist him or her in telling the story in an effective way.
A: Yes, it works very effectively. College admissions has become so competitive that there are simply more qualified applicants than there are spots at most schools. What that means is there are more students with high grades and good SAT test scores than there are open places for admission. In such cases, the difference between an acceptance and a rejection can come down to things like essays, courses taken, and extracurricular activities -- all aspects the Victory Prep Tutors covers in our college admissions consulting.
A: This is a very common situation, so rest assured, you’re not the only one having those thoughts. College admissions can be tough and competitive, but we will help you every step of the way. Some things to think about are taking the right high school courses, being active in extracurricular activities, making great grades, being prepared to write quality essays, and of course, doing well on the SAT or ACT. We do this sort of thing every day - we are ready to help!
A: We can provide useful consultations starting as soon as the freshman year. It’s important that students take appropriate coursework and become involved in the right sorts of extracurricular activities from the beginning, so it is never too early to start thinking about these things.
A: The college admissions consultation is where we sit down and get to know you and your son or daughter. We want to know where you guys are academically and what your goals are. Sometimes this conversation looks different for a freshman than it does a junior, but it’s equally beneficial to both. We’ll go over your transcripts and SAT or ACT test scores (if you have them) and give you a realistic picture of where you stand. We’ll then develop a plan to get you where you want to be. That may mean applying to scholarships, getting more involved in extracurriculars, academic tutoring, or even SAT test prep. The admissions consultation is the first step in the process, and it’s often a stress relief to finally know exactly where you stand and what you can expect.
A: Believe it or not, the essays serve to do more than simply measure how good of a writer a student is. With so many students having parents and teachers proofread and edit their essays, the vast majority of essays that are submitted to colleges appear as though they were written by a “good writer.” The essay is your daughter’s chance to show off – to show off her amazing personality, stellar character, and no-nonsense work ethic. It’s her chance to let all of the subjective qualities you’ve been cultivating for almost two decades shine through. She might be a good writer, but it’s often difficult for high school students to gauge what is important enough to keep and what should be omitted from the essay. Our college admissions experts will guide her through the outlining process as well as proofread her finished essay.
A: Absolutely! Our highly trained college admissions counselors can help you identify which schools might be a good match based on your son or daughter’s qualifications and the type of school you desire. We have thorough knowledge of a broad range of colleges, and we can save you a tremendous amount of time by playing matchmaker.
A: It’s good that you are aware that college is expensive now, because that could make for a very rude wakeup call in a couple years. While it’s no secret that college is expensive, a little planning can make it much more manageable. Many parents don’t realize how many scholarship opportunities are available to them, and it’s often overwhelming to collect financial information from every possible school a student is considering. Our college admissions counselors can walk through the entire process with you, giving you the information you need and the assistance necessary to plan for this major expense.
A: Not all students do interviews. This varies highly from school to school and even major to major. However, many scholarship opportunities do require interviews, and we highly recommend that our students pursue such scholarships. Interview coaching is important because most students, even if they are gregarious and confident, have not yet developed the polished etiquette or smooth delivery needed to make the best impression possible. Our knowledge of interview objectives and relaxation techniques can help students perform their best, giving them the best chance at college admission and scholarships.

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