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Victory Prep Tutors has helped thousands of high school students from Texas to Seattle to North Virginia gain admission, even scholarships, to their top-choice schools. Our expert consultants can be a resource to give your application a competitive edge.

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Welcome to the First Step Towards College Admission

Getting into a great college is about more than earning good grades and knocking the SAT or ACT out of the park.  Increasingly, colleges are looking not only at standardized test scores, but toward the less objective elements of the application, such as admissions essays and extracurriculars, to get a better picture of who a student is.  It’s very possible that gaining admission into a top choice school will come down to something as simple as high school courses taken, participation in clubs and campus organizations, or even having a qualified essay consultant help your student’s story shine the brightest.  A college admissions counselor can help you navigate the challenging waters of college searches, scholarship applications, or whatever else racks you with fear. Below are some of the ways we can help you conquer the college admissions process.

Personalized College Search

Different schools attend to varying aspects of the application.  Some are looking for particularly high test scores while others are more willing to look at an application as a whole.  We sit down with your student to understand exactly what you are looking for in a school, evaluate your student's strengths and weaknesses as a candidate, and make a personalized list of schools that meet both your criteria and your student's strengths as an applicant.  Knowing there is a list of fantastic schools within reach often takes a lot of the stress out of the college admission process.

Essay Assistance

Almost every university requires an admissions essay and they are becoming increasingly important as applicant competition increases.  The goal in essay consultation is not to remove the student’s voice from the story being told, but rather to provide the student with the resources he or she needs to tell the best story possible.  Admissions counselors want to hear the voice of a high school senior come through their applications and essays, not the voice of an editor or parent.  Thus, it is important that students have the thorough feedback needed to present themselves in the best - and most genuine - light possible.  In addition to proofreading, we often help our students identify examples and stories from their lives that enrich the essay with a personal, student-focused perspective.

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Many schools and scholarship programs require interviews. If your son or daughter is going to be interviewing, then there’s a good chance the interview is going to be a major factor in gaining admission or getting the scholarship. Very few high school students are provided with the interview experience needed to really ace this part of the application process. They are often nervous or have not yet mastered the nuances of professional communication and etiquette. Our college admissions counselors will give your student a crash course in interviewing as well as provide him or her with multiple mock interviews. Victory Prep Tutors’ interview preparation will help students feel prepared, allowing them to focus on letting their amazing personalities and talents shine through.

Scholarship Searches

Scholarship Searches

College is expensive, but most parents don’t realize there is a plethora of scholarship opportunities available to all sorts of students.  If you are relying solely on the scholarships offered by the college of your choice, you are missing out on possibly tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money.  Our admissions consultants know which scholarships fit which types of students and we have the experience needed to help our students put in a competitive application. On top of that, instructors may search at home while you and your student are busy with your schedules, cutting down on time used looking for scholarhips, making the whole process that much more effective! 

High School Course and Extracurricular Planning

Extracurricular Planning

Did you know that the courses taken in high school matter when getting into college?  It’s possible that taking that art class could round out a student who is obviously strong in math or that taking that AP Biology class will not only help a student get college credit, but also show that he or she is serious about pre-medical studies.  The same goes for extracurricular activities; every single activity counts on an admissions application. Victory Prep Tutors College Consultants are aware of the variety of courses offered at high schools in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and North Virginia areas. We provide a detailed list with suggestions for classes that will make a student appear to be an extraordinary addition to a college's list of success stories.  Many students focus solely on the “hard” factors that determine admission: grades and test scores.  However, college admissions counselors want to see the whole student.  Their ideal student is not only smart, but is also a valuable addition to the college campus.   

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