SAT Test Prep Options:

Option 1 - Private Tutoring

In-Person or Online

Score Improvement

Up To: 430 PTS. SAT

  • - Personalized attention from a private SAT tutor with customized study plan
  • - Flexible scheduling at your convenience
  • - Focused and personalized test preparation
  • - Practice tests to take, study with, and review in your very own SAT book
  • - 4 proctored practice tests to build endurance
  • - 1 carefully selected study guide plus Victory Prep Tutors' highly effective curriculum

Option 2 - Group Course

In-Person or Online

Score Improvement

Average: 290 PTS. SAT

  • - 34 detailed hours of in-class preparation from one of the top SAT instructors in Texas
  • - 4 proctored practice tests for real experience
  • - 100’s of practice problems
  • - Option of a hybrid program that includes one-on-one personalized tutoring
  • - Analysis and review of practice tests
  • - 1 carefully selected study guide plus Victory Prep Tutors' highly effective curriculum

SAT In-Home Private Tutoring Packages

Please select a package from below, or call us to customize a plan from scratch.

SAT Review Plan



9 Sessions

Detailed study of key concepts and test-taking strategies!



SAT Classic Plan



18 Sessions

Bolster targeted topics with a rigorous approach.


SAT Extensive Plan



25 Sessions

Thorough preparation to improve overall performance.


SAT Absolute Plan



40 Sessions

Detailed study of key concepts and test-taking strategies!



The “Ivy League” of Curriculum

Our course materials for the New SAT prep have been designed by carefully deconstructing every official (redesigned) SAT published. Our cutting edge approach to the SAT details and incorporates:
- Critical reasoning
- Writing structure and analysis
- Prose style and persuasive writing
- Innovative approaches to pervasive math problems

See how the curriculum works here!

What You Get

Once you've signed up for any Victory Prep Tutors prep course, you will receive some high quality tools for success:

  • Effective and tailored private tutoring
  • Best classroom courses at half the price!
  • The world's best SAT experts and tutors
  • Victory Prep Tutors' highly developed curriculum
  • Practice SATs graded and returned in 1-2 business days
  • 100% money back guarantee*

Top Percentile Instructors

Distinguished Scores

Every individual Victory Prep Tutors SAT instructor and tutor has scored in the top percentiles of their official standardized tests. They rank amongst the world’s highest scoring test takers.

Select Tutors

Every tutor in DFW, Austin, or Houston is required to go through intensive training and a nationwide background check. Most have at least 2-4 years of tutoring/test prep experience.

Read more about our talented instructors
Our Instructors

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors and test experts are thoroughly trained for a total of 15-40 hours, but they continue to refine their instuctional skills far into their tutoring careers. Our instructors are constantly evaluated and polished by management.


Success Story

“I understood everything a lot better after each session and he made me feel very prepared for the SAT. He explained all the concepts in a way that I would understand it. I am so excited to see my scores!"  - Shaina G


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