Why Victory Step Is a Great Place to Work At

By  Layton Funk

Published on  July 22, 2019

Victory Step Success

Finding a job that you enjoy, is fulfilling, and pays well is something most everybody searches for and is probably close to what can be considered a great job. That’s why I was drawn to Victory Step Education! I was down and out looking for a job when someone suggested I try my hand at tutoring. I thought, “that sounds like it could be a good thing. I’m a pretty smart cookie and I’ve dealt with teaching kids before!” So, I applied, got an interview, and was hired very quickly! On top of the flexible nature of the working hours, it’s very gratifying and the pay is definitely solid.

Learning to Love Tutoring

I will say that I typically would’ve told people I’m not a big fan of teaching, at least not academic subjects. Before I became a Victory Step tutor I was a summer camp counselor and taught sailing, swimming, shooting, etc. During college I would help friends out here and there, but they were at the same education level that I am at. I felt like I would get frustrated or impatient, but after my first session I realized that even if a student is taking a while to get the concept, I calmly and clearly explained everything and guided them through it. That made their “a-ha” moment extremely rewarding.

The Perks of the Job

Nearly every time I leave a session, I leave knowing that the student I’ve taught has gotten one (Victory) step closer to their goal. Further, after finishing a set of tutoring sessions and sending my student off to take their exam and, more than likely, crush it compared to beforehand is something really rewarding. The satisfaction of a job well done and having concrete proof of that is invaluable. However, we can definitely put a value on the time put into doing that job! I won’t say how much I’m paid, but it’s well worth the effort/time (competitive, 30-40% more than the industry standard). Speaking of time, the hours are extremely flexible being entirely dependent on you, the tutor, and the parent/student! If you don’t want to work at night, great. You want Saturdays off? Done! You get what you put in, so if you put in your all then your students will achieve more and Victory Step will take care of you.

Apply for Victory Step ASAP!

All in all, I’m extremely happy with my choice to join the Victory Step team. Working here has been really amazing and just good for me. The other tutors and staff are welcoming, eager, productive, communicate well, and are very knowledgeable (including me, of course)! Sparking interest and understanding in a student to reach their goal is very satisfying and always makes my day.

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