School Life: Balance Your Holiday Break

By  Layton Funk

Published on  December 12, 2019

Break from school

School’s Out!

So, school is out for a little while. You’re extremely excited to have a break, go have some fun, relax, and just forget about school… SURPRISE! Your teacher(s) assigned you some homework or a project over the break. Now you’re thinking, “jeez, how am I going to have a ton of fun AND do school work?” Well, have I got some news for you: you can do both! As long as you organize your time intelligently (or just knock it all out when the break starts), you can have fun during your break and complete your assignments swiftly and skillfully.

Organize Your Time

If you have never made a schedule for yourself before now (which is somewhat of a problem, because high school and college are VERY busy times in your life), then now is a great place to start. If you are already scheduling when to do homework and study and make time for friends and family, then that’s great and you continue doing so! Firstly, you have to find out how much work you actually need to finish before the break is over. How many teachers assigned you something? What are those assignments?  How long are they? Once you’ve figured that out, you have a couple of options: do all the work as soon as school has been let out (if possible), spread the work out over the break in little pieces, or wait until the very last minute and stress about being able to finish in time.

Choose How to Work

The third option is terrible; you can trust me on that as I know from experience. Waiting until the last minute (cramming) is never effective or healthy when compared to the alternatives. So, that leaves the former two options. Getting work out of the way early leaves the rest of the break to do whatever you’d like! It’s a huge weight off your shoulders and generally a pretty good idea. However, it can lead to you being overworked and tired from all that completed in a row. Additionally, once school starts back up, you may not have the material fresh in your mind. The second option is a great marriage of the first option of getting work done early and the third option of not getting to it until late. By segmenting the work over a long period of time, you can have fun every day of your break while getting the assignments done piece by piece. Make sure to do one assignment after the other so as not to get them confused with each other!

The Break Is Over

Now the end of the break has arrived and you can confidently stride into your school with all your holiday work done! You got to have fun without stressing over all the assignments because you scheduled them from the start and stuck to your regimen. Keep this up and you’ll stay on top of all your school work from here on out and be an amazing addition to any university, job, or other team!

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