Making the Investment in Victory Step

By  Victory Step Education Team

Published on  August 15, 2017

Making the decision to enroll a student in a test preparation program is not an easy task. Asides from the obvious burden of costs ranging into thousands of dollars, will the time and effort spent really give fruitful results? How do I know that the company I choose will be the right one? What kinds of qualities make us stand out from others in the area? Well I hope to answer some of these doubts and concerns.

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Speaking in more general terms, making the investment in a test prep course will really be a saving in the future. Often, it is difficult for a student to study on his own because managing schoolwork and SAT / ACT prep requires excellent time management skills. Sometimes, a student can spend hours and hours studying, and see no results – this is because he doesn’t have an instructor to analyze his mistakes and help him develop the right study habits. Enrolling in a test prep program allows the student to choose from a variety of options (classroom, online, private) to determine what works most efficiently for him.

More specifically, why Victory Step Education? Here are some words from our founder that I think articulate our goals and missions in the perfect way:

“Victory Step Education is not just another test prep company. We are different. We don’t believe that there is a cookie-cutter approach to succeeding on the SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT tests. We realize that each student is different, and has unique strengths, abilities, and needs. This principle is at the center of our philosophy and teaching methods. Our curriculum, our tests, our instruction, and our prices- all stand out from the competition. Therefore, there is no wonder then that VSE is one of the fastest growing SAT, ACT, or GMAT test prep companies.”

We hate to brag, but our instructors are some of the most intelligent, interesting, and caring individuals out there. We only hire the best – they have each received above the 98th are young and exciting – we don’t want to bore the students! We hire individuals that will stimulate interesting conversation, serve as a role model, and provide positive benefits the students even beyond the classroom. Here are some of the things our customers have to say about our instructors:

The private sessions are very helpful! My writing score was amazing and my math and reading improved too! I’m doing really well in math at school too! I recommended taking the SAT/ACT program! High School- Flower Mound SAT Score Improvement- 320 pts

My instructor from Victory Step is a very helpful individual. I am a student from Dallas wanting to get into a good college (most probably University of Texas in Austin), and I feel as if my instructor has done a great job! This is a break down percentile on the standardized tests. Furthermore, our instructors of what I received before and after. (Dallas, TX) SAT Score Improvement – 350 points

My daughter received tutoring for SAT from Stuart through the Dallas location in the spring of this year. Her goal was to get a score that would qualify her for a scholarship with the University of Missouri. As it turns out, her score increased enough that she was awarded a scholarship worth over $52,000. So, I wanted to let you know that and say, “Thank you.” High School- Plano Senior High SAT Score Improvement – 410 pts

We pride ourselves in the ability to relate to our students and offer each and every one the very best value, and our customers agree. Our classes are small (no more than 10 students) so even in a classroom setting, each student is getting individualized attention. Looking at the numbers, we have a 280-point increase on the SAT and a 4.2-point increase on the ACT, on average. How do we get you to this increase? We offer a rigorous curriculum with homework assignments, 4-proctored exams, strategies for problem solving and more. And what makes it even better is that we offer it all for a fraction of the cost of courses at Prince or Kaplan.

If for some bizarre reason you’re not convinced yet, call one of our locations today to ask us any question you’d like or visit our website or Facebook page to hear what other customers have to say!

Victory Step Education Team

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