GED: Enabling Your Future

By  Layton Funk

Published on  May 1, 2020

GED graduation

What Are the GED Tests?

The GED (General Educational Development) tests prove that students have a high school level academic skillset. Contrary to what many people think, the GED tests are not a single test (like the HiSET and TASC – high school exam alternatives), but are a group of four subject tests. To be eligible to take the exam, one must check their state’s requirements. Typically, there is an age (16-17) requirement and some form of citizenship and parental consent required. Also, there are a myriad of options for nearly any kind of disabled student to take the exam effectively. The cost comes in at $120 for all four or $30/test (price may vary by state).

What Are the Subjects?

The subject tests are as follows: mathematical reasoning, reasoning through language arts, social studies, and science. They’re all pretty self-explanatory but, to be clear, I will dive into them here. Mathematical reasoning covers basic math, geometry, basic algebra, and graphs/functions. Reasoning through language arts is all about passage meaning, identifying and creating arguments, and grammar/language. Social studies asks students to analyze historical events and arguments and use numbers/graphs in that analysis. Science is regarding the design and interpretation of experiments and using number and graphics with biology, chemistry, and some physics. All in all, these are topics that students should be able to tackle if they are expected to enter college or the job market.

Why Take the GED Tests?

If possible, always finish high school! However, sometimes circumstances do not permit that to happen or even cause some people to lose their high school records. Well, that’s where high school certification exams like the GED come in. Having a high school diploma or other proof that you have high school level skills is paramount in the workplace. Furthermore, colleges and universities will almost never accept a student without a high school education. The tests are not as daunting as someone might expect, especially if there is a tutor there to help. So, take charge of the future and get in touch with a Victory Step Education instructor today!


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