Tutoring Builds Lasting Confidence

By  Layton Funk

Published on  February 19, 2020

Confidence is key

Tutoring: What is Expected

Parents and students typically think of tutoring as just a way to learn, practice, and prepare for a class or test of their choice. Most of the time, that’s probably true! When a student wants to dedicate themselves and their time to improve their chances with a pesky college admissions test or to get through a really rigorous class, they might sign up with a tutor or simply study on their own. Many people can prepare for an academic endeavor by themselves, but two brains are better than one, especially when a student is lacking confidence. Having someone there to look out for mistakes, show how to avoid them in the future, and give tips as to how to succeed in the given class or test is an invaluable asset.

Who Is it Good For? Everyone!

That extra help often closes the narrow gap for high-scoring students to get a wonderful scholarship, massively boosts students who aren’t as experienced with exams, or sets a foundation for student new to a topic or standardized testing. The teaching methods may vary, and the personalities of each tutor definitely will, but having a high-quality tutor will almost always improve a students’s scores. Any student can benefit greatly from a tutor or teacher; finding the right one can be difficult, but is worth it. There is one more benefit to tutoring that many don’t expect, but is many times extremely key in any student’s success: confidence building.

What to Hope For: Confidence

Try to remember your favorite teachers. What did they do to help you? They taught you the material in a descriptive and easy to understand way. They made the subject seem interesting or explained everything with a fun and friendly attitude. They made you feel like you could learn anything and everything: like the whole world was yours for the taking. The truly great educators not only want to make sure their students comprehend the topic at hand, but want the student to believe that can excel. This confidence gives students a positive outlook on academics and can be a foundation of determination for other aspects of life. Everyone makes mistakes: learning from those mistakes is true improvement. Everyone has potential: there is always room to grow and any growth is a triumph. Everyone can succeed: nearly any goal is possible with time, dedication, and a bit of help.

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