End of Summer: Back to School

By  Layton Funk

Published on  August 13, 2021

The Summer Ends

We all enjoy lazing about around the house for weeks on end and occasionally going on a trip with friends or family. Not having all the weight of the world on our shoulders for just a little while is refreshing. That’s what summer is all about. For those of you who do summer jobs or extra school work, I commend you. Still, transitioning into a summer attitude and lifestyle is much easier than the reverse. Being complacent and relaxed is a wonderful state to be in, so heading back to a more structured and work-heavy schedule can be tough. Just look forward to next summer, or even winter vacation! But next time consider not throwing yourself into a careless sleep schedule. It’s an easy trap to fall into and even tougher to get out of.

School Begins

Some people crave structure, schedule, and some amount of busywork to keep themselves occupied. That’s something we should all strive towards as it’s probably much healthier than bumming around for hours or days at a time. Once summer is over, or even in the days or weeks leading up to school starting, one must adjust to healthy habits. Without good sleep, balanced meals, and a good work/life balance, anyone could fall apart. Try to have the dedication and investment in your own mental and physical health to stay on top of assignments and events! Give yourself goals and rewards to keep your motivation up. Make a calendar on Google or your phone and even put your work or school times there. It sounds silly, but seeing it on “paper” really helps put into perspective just how long you spend on work and how much you have to spend on recreation.

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