Take a Break and Relax Regularly!

By  Layton Funk

Published on  December 1, 2020

Don’t Work Yourself to the Bone

We all know that working is important. It keeps our minds sharp, our hands from being idle, sets foundation for our future, and makes us money. However, letting work and studies consume your life is not something that is healthy in the slightest. Socially isolating yourself, on purpose or not, can lead to feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. I’m sure we have experienced enough of that this year [2020]. Besides that, spending so much time on work can eat into sleep, relaxation, and – pun intended – meal time. Those are the worst case effects that we’ll focus on here and how to avoid them by taking a break.

Interact With People

Obviously, talking with your friends and family should be a high priority to be able to fill your social quota every day. Some like to interact more than others, but everyone needs some amount of conversation in their lives. Feelings of isolation can lead to even worse feelings, which affect work performance. So, if you’re looking at this pragmatically, your work will only improve if you take the time to converse with loved ones or even just coworkers and fellow students! We are social beasts and our brains itch for that kind of stimulation.

Find Time to Take a Break

Working hours and hours in a row at a time can be very detrimental to your mental and physical health. That’s why we have weekends (although, there have been studies indicating that a weekend Wednesday could be even more beneficial, since working 5 days in a row reduces efficiency). Taking breaks has been shown to be important in recovering from stress, which can, in turn, improve your performance. Recovering from work stress can restore energy and mental resources and decrease the development of fatigue, sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease. Whether it be a walk around your work area, a step outside, a quick power nap, or stopping to eat, you should schedule regular breaks!

Make Sure You Stay Nourished, Hydrated, and Rested

Speaking of sleeping and eating, everyone needs to recharge their battery pretty often. Make sure your diet is balanced and attuned to how much you do every day. Try to get to bed at a reasonable time in order to get 8 hours of sleep and even work some naps in there! Besides that, many people neglect to stay hydrated. Coffee, energy drinks, soda, tea, and juice might help give you energy, but water is necessary for nearly every form of life on the planet. Staying hydrated will keep you lively, focused, and healthy so please drink  multiple liters a day!


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